First day of Winter

Mother nature decided to really make sure that we knew it was the first day of Winter today, leaving us with a serious amount of snow for the first snowfall. Can’t believe we got so much snow so early in the season. I guess all the people that enjoy a white Christmas will be happy…at least someone will be with this awful crap. I pray that this winter is a mild one, for my own sanity. Every year I go through what my wife would call seasonal effective disorder, which is were you get run down and in a bad mood because of the lack of sun and warmth. It’s true I do think the winter has a negative effect on me, and probably anyone that enjoys activities outside. I guess there is skiing and snowboarding which I have tried and enjoy, but nothing will replace the feeling of riding my bike. Forced to be indoors is a major bummer for me, as I believe that the true essence of BMX should be enjoyed outside. I’d take 60/70 degrees and  curb over any skatepark anyday. Way more enjoyment being outside doing what I love. Plus I don’t have to deal with 100 people flying all around cutting each other off to get there “run” in. I think the only way I can bring myself  to ride a park is if it’s a private rental, with my friends. To me riding is more about quality than quantity anyway. I’d rather have a few good indoor sessions than 25 shitty ones. How people do it is beyond me but to each there own I guess. If you feel the need to go to one of three local parks all the time more power to ya, not this guy though……I’ll be holding out for the warm weather and make up for it when it’s here.