“skate” parks

Hingham is a “no bikes” park

Where along the lines did it become exceptable for parks to not allow bikes? This is complete bullshit, really what justifies no bikes at a park? I’ve been told that the lay out of a park can be dangerous for both bikes and skateboards and more collisions can happen. Which is why some parks are not allowing bikes, that’s one of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever heard. Put 30 skaters at a park and they’re gonna run into one another too. Maybe designers should learn to design their park differently then to accommodate all types. I’ve also been told that pegs fuck up coping, that in itself is so stupid. What do you think trucks do? They fuck it up as well, pretty much the peg of a skateboard. In some cases made of the same material. Come on! Telling a  BMX bike they can’t ride a park is like telling someone they can’t play baseball on a football field. Are people that naive? Really what’s the difference? We are pretty much doing the same thing. For that matter then shouldn’t rollerblades be excluded from the “park” as well? Don’t their boots do damage? I want someone to build a bike only park, and tell me that skaters wouldn’t be bitching? Isn’t this the year 2010? Shouldn’t we be past all this backwards thinking? I say fuck that no bikes rule! I’ll ride whatever park want ,and if asked to leave I want a real explanation for why? Parks are public property too, so I have just as much right being there as anyone else. There is no law against riding! This is something that more bike riders need to do stand up for themselves and make our voices heard. Telling me a park is “no bikes” makes me wanna ride it more, just to prove a point. Let them come and arrest or ticket me I’ll fight it all the way to the top! This is segregation ,and it needs to stop!