Andover, Ma follow up

So I emailed the head of the Andover skatepark and he told me that there’s no bikes.LAME! Place actually looks like it’s one the best concrete parks around. He replied the following: Without getting too deep into a debate, our park draws a considerable amount of young skaters and only one or two bikes over the last few years. After our new concrete section was put in this summer, we decided to not allow bikes in order to preserve the integrity of the bowl for a longer period of time (pegs&steel  vs concrete = chipped surfaces). Our focus of the park is serving the local kids and there wasn’t any negative feedback about not allowing bikes.

As an organization that serves young people, we are always looking for ways to keep kids engaged in positive activities. If there were enough kids interested, we would do a trail bike day – although I’m not sure it would be at the skatepark.
Where are you from, Tony? What is going on for bikers in your community?: 

This makes me believe that this town actually gives a shit about this park and what kids are doing there. Although they don’t allow bikes I feel like they would be open to it with some demand. If I lived closer to this park I’d be all over it. He and I went back and forth with a few more emails, but nothing ever became of it. Note that he still threw in about pegs, why does everyone think this? Really have they not seen what trucks do to coping? Oh well on to the next!