not so sure this is possible brakeless

my setup:brakes

So many people have asked me to address the whole no brakes deal in BMX and to be honest with you, I really can’t hate on it. I understand and respect it. Although I would never ride my bike without em’. I can honestly say that I understand the appeal of it all. I do like the way a bike looks without brakes, lever, and cable. I can also see having a simpler setup. But that doesn’t make me wanna take them off by any means.  For some people brakes are far too mechanical and they seem to always have problems with them. I’ve also been told that some people like the challenge, I can see that. I’m just not one of those people. Besides I like to skid and do too many stalls with em. I know it’s possible without but I’m too old to go and relearn all those things again. Plus shoes are expensive these days! So with that said brakes or not, ride your bikes however you want….who really cares? Not this guy.