Winter boredom

me at the shop

Petey C-bowl

Jt rad tuck in Woohstah

Gamacho at Rad

Maul tabe at Rye rental

Brandon at C-wall

With winter really bearing down on us, I’m left with alot of free time on my hands. Less time on my bike means more idle time in front of a computer screen with less content than I would ever have in the warm weather.I’ve been trying to complain less and be positive. I decided that BMX has enough negativity in it. So I’m gonna try and stay on that path. With alot of plans in the works, the Spring/Summer is shaping up to be just insane with riding and filming. The shop video needs to come to life this year with a collective effort of everyone that’s involved. Without all their help I fear that it won’t happen. This is my number one goal for 2011. When I agreed to do this video I never realized just how much work was gonna be involved in the process, but you live and learn….I guess. With a good start we really need to get shit rolling once the weather breaks. Hoping this year I can get everyone that said they wanted to film to actually do so. Never believed that it would be like pulling teeth to get some dudes motivated to actually ride there bike for a DVD. Oh well this year I have a new outlook on it and am not gonna hunt dudes down…if they wanna film then they’ll be apart if not more room for the ones who do. Just need for this snow to melt and the temps to rise and we are a go. Above photos are from some of our filming adventures of 2010…