Pembroke skatepark meeting follow up

I went to the meeting for the Pembroke skatepark last night. I was productive to a point, still need to raise money. We’re halfway there. We need to get more people involved. I was kinda discouraged that so few people showed up. Does no one from the South Shore care about a decent park being built? Especially bike dudes. This is everyone’s chance to have their say in what they’d like to see go into a park. No more pre-fab garbage will be used in the area. I’m looking for this park to set the tone for the rest of the South Shore. I think Hingham beat us to the punch as far as the first non pre-fab park. But they aren’t gonna allow bikes and that’s a whole other story. Pembroke also has TWICE the square footage they used for Hingham, so right there means we can do so much more. I’m calling on everyone to pitch in and help out. We NEED to get this in the eyes of more people. We need to raise money. We need YOUR help! I don’t think alot of people can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project, but I’m gonna tell you with your help…it is gonna be there…..SOONER! After talking to the builder last night I have a better respect for him and feel like he is the guy for the job. He seems eager to please. He wants to build something unique, which is something that will make people want to ride this park. I agree with him. Which is why I got involved in this project, I wanted to see something different be built. Hopefully other towns will follow in years to come and rid of of these crap parks we’ve be cursed with. If you wanna get or be involved please contact me at or the friends of Pembroke skatepark on Facebook.