Hingham skatepark

Tim Roxburgh blastin
Me table hip
Me Table transfer from the weird nipple in the deep bowl
JT 3 to flat

Tim turndown

Tim ass shot turndown
Chris Tardiff hip table

usual suspects

JT visor buzzer
Petey Pabs hip table

Tim table

Tardiff table
TL peg bonk

JT table
JT footjam whip

Tim turndown on the hip
Me hip table

JT hip table

JT footjam again

Chris 180

another shot of that table
Chris peg stall to back over

Chris table

Petey fastplant

JT table
Petey Pabs 

Got the pleasure of riding the new Hingham skatepark today. Rode it without issue, no one ever said anything about bikes not being allowed there. Everyone at the park was super cool. These are some of the photos from our session. All photos John Gabler.