Maul’s Brawl 2011

Katie and Amy helped with signups
Some of the crowd
Oldman on a mission
Pro class looks on
Table in the makin
Bryan Dinardo one handed
Myself and Chip Hawthrone
Jonathan Gabler with Bonedeth onlookers
Matt Pappas t-bog transfer
Mike Pomerleau stylin
Mike Hayes wanted this sooo bad
Chris Childs flair
Unknown tailwhip air
Cory D going big
Keith Schmidt
Chris Childs dumped 3 and pro winner
Best move of the day and second place Joe Nelson ice transfer from the bowl
Rob Clancy 3 to foot jam
Ferbert with the leap of faith best trick winner 1/2
Tim Roxburgh decade 
1/2 of best trick Bobby Proctor
Ox icepick grind
product toss mayhem

Yesterday we had Maul’s Brawl 2011, and I’d like to say it was a total success.Psyched on everything that went down and all the people that came out to watch and all the riders that entered. Contests are always a ton of fun, you get to see old friends and make a few new ones. When everything goes off without a hitch it makes we wanna plan one every month. But then I guess they would lose their appeal. Anyway my buddy John Gabler sent me over a bunch of shots from the Brawl and I figured I’d share them with you. Enjoy



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