Sunday session

psyched on this one
Tim with a turndown at Harvard
Gamache soakin up the sun….

Mike P stall

Table out

Tim Roxburgh turndown stair drop
Johnny O carvin it up

me table air

had a crew today

Tim Roxburgh whip

and again

Mike P with the icepick in the deep end

me doing the same

Mike P again

Ray Haggerty gettin air off the wall

best wall ride in the city….Mike P

Tim was going so high on this it was nuts….

Ray with the wall ride

wall ride to table

doin work, me filming for Tim

Mike P with the flatrail

John Gabler the guy that takes all these pics for me AKA 333 photo design

points north

Got together with a few dudes today to follow up filming for the shop video. Overall a great day, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Met up with some old friends and took a few new ones to some to hidden spots. I have forgotten how much I love riding Boston and if you go to the right spots you can have a ton of fun. Here’s to the warm weather being back and the start of the outdoor filming missions.These are a few of the stills from today’s action. All pictures were shot by 333 photo design.