This weather is crap

JT in front of the camera gap off wall

right before the wind blew this thing down

Tardiff with a pretzel arm

sketchiest ramp table air

fastplant via Tardiff

Shed Life?

I can’t believe that it’s almost May and it’s still cold out. I still have the heat on in my house and, at night it gets pretty damn cold still. When is it gonna feel like Spring? I should know by now that here in New England we don’t have Spring and Fall anymore, we have Summer and Winter. Seems like it goes from being 40-80 in a week, then it’s humid as shit then back to freezing. I’m nearing the end of my patience with this crap ass weather. Well anyway bitching aside, I’ve been trying to get out on my bike as much as possible. Just hard when it’s either raining every other day or freezing cold and windy. I hope it changes soon….I need warmth! Here are a few shots from yesterday’s “session”. We hit up the Team Shed dudes ramps, very ratty and oldschool feeling. When I was younger I would have been psyched on a setup like this, nowadays I guess I’m spoiled but the ramps were really fun. Just need to fine tune their setup and brace some stuff up and the place would be alot better. All photos taken by JT Ahl.