What have you done?

 This has been on my mind for the last few weeks and I guess it’s about time that I sit down and put it in writing. I’m kinda disappointed in the response of the entire south shore in our fundraising efforts for Pembroke’s park that they’re trying to get built. Here we have a town that wants to build a real park, allow bikes, is open to suggestions, has a good group of people backing it that won’t settle for a crappy park being built. Yet no one seems to care that this thing could potentially be built asap, as long as we get the needed money. We are HALWAY there yet all I keep getting asked is when is the park gonna be open? The answer I wanna scream at everyone is : WHEN YOU GET INVOLVED! Now I’m not saying that no one is involved ( although I just worded it that way) there are alot of people helping and doing everything in their power to make this a reality, myself included. I just find it funny that people from all over the area will use the park but don’t seem to care about lifting a finger to get the needed funds. Every dollar counts at this point and everyone should be lending a hand that plans to use this park. I mean parks like this are gonna set the tone for future parks that are getting built, gone are the days of pre-fab garbage. Look at the town of Hingham, they set out to build a good park and they got it done, although small and not biker friendly it’s step in the right direction for the area. So if Pembroke builds something twice the size ( I actually think we have way more than twice) and allows bikes, then I say we’ve broken the mold.

I hate using pictures of myself but this was a good one from Hingham from last week

    As for the people that have helped I think it’s primarily been all bike people. I have not heard from really any skaters on the whole subject. Which raises a whole other series of questions. Do you not allow boards? Are there no skaters on the south shore? and if so where are they skating? Do we exclude them from the design? I for one wold love to do just that, but never would because I want everyone to be able to enjoy a park that myself and everyone else had put so much hard work into. There are people on the skatepark committee that have me beat by a mile as far as hours spent on this, but I’ll tell you one thing I won’t quit until there is a park there. It just blows my mind how people can bitch about having nothing to ride or skate but are willing to do little or nothing about it. Or even worse settle for the crappy pre-fab parks that every town in the area has that doesn’t give a shit and threw up in an afternoon. If you want something good to ride, don’t be afraid to do work and get your hands dirty….you get out what you put in!



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  1. I saw a ton of negative feedback about the Hingham park from bikers because it was a skate only park, I told them exactly what you are saying here. If you want a park get involved and Pembroke is the place to get involved, they have the site, at great team, and a great start on funds. I grew up skateboarding in town at places like Sac’s Pizza and Caldor, a real park is finally in sight. GET OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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