Bio: Greg Doliber

  I’d like to take a start showcasing a few people that I think stand out and should be given a little more attention. First up is a friend of mine that deserves some. His name is Greg Doliber. If you don’t know the name you soon will, he goes big. Greg will three down something that most people wouldn’t even look at to drop straight on. Recently he’s been getting hooked up from S&M and he’s been a part of the Maul’s bike shop team for some time now. Greg is somebody that is hard to tie down and figure out, he’s been back and forth between east and west coast quite a bit in the last few years. So you never know when he’s gonna pop up back east, but everytime he’s home it’s a treat to ride with him. Without going to much further I asked Greg to summarize his current situation.

Living Situation: I dont know, Im in SF right now, back in Boston soon? Nothing is ever set in stone. One simple change in my life, and I try to move around. 

Riding Situation: Healing. CxOAST. I like big drops, spins and tables. Can’t back complicated tech tricks and slow stuff. fast and simple! S&M and Mauls bike shop have been helping me out big time. Big THANK YOU.
Working Situation: Whole Foods. I transfer all the time and can get time off pretty easily and frequently.
Plans for the future: Ever changing. I want to own a shop or work at one. I want to ride til’ I can’t. 
Table @ Underground Boston

Pegless Hubba


Big wallride drop SF.

Greg w/ Gunner

eyein something up