Bio: Matt Pappas

 This is the second dude on my list of guys that should be getting more notice. He is someone that I have watched grow up and become a guy some amazing bike control. He literally shreds anything he rides. Everytime I ride with him he amazes me with something or other. He’s smooth and goes big, makes the most out of the smallest object that you’d think not even rideable. He’s got so many spin tricks I don’t even know how to begin to explain to you how much fun it is to watch him ride. He’s definitely one of my favorite guys to ride with and everytime I do get to go ride with him it’s a good session. His name is Matt Pappas. If you haven’t seen or heard of him you probably soon will he is definitely makin’ moves, the dude shreds. I asked Matt to give us a quick run-down of his current situation, so here goes:
Living Status: Bridgewater Ma

Riding Status: Cruzing the streets with friends having a good time, thats what it’s all about anyways.
Life Status: Couch Life, Living the dream 
Future Plans: Riding and traveling as much as I can. Staying out of the winter.
Support: 90 East, Mauls Bike Shop, Tables and Fables
Matt         pic Tardiff

Turndown @ Autumn brand jam  pic 333 photo design

wallride          photo Jamie Mauri

Pic Tardiff

one footed table       pic Tardiff
T-bog @ DMBS photo 333 photo designs

pic Tardiff