Over the past few months I noticed that alot more people think that BMX owes them something. Like they should be getting free parts or paid for riding, yet offering nothing in return except a web edit that any other person with a flip camera and some half ass-ed editing software could whip up in fifteen minutes and a shitty attitude. Shit everytime I turn around I hear people trying to get something for nothing. Do they think that they’re better than the everyone else riding out there? Sure some of them have some talent and are pretty good, but I know a handful of guys that are literally killing themselves to try and “make” it and are a hell of a lot more humble that these shitheads. After 27 years of riding I realized that I owe my entire life to BMX (kinda one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place). BMX owes nothing to no one! Go about riding and if by chance you get noticed and helped out, then congratulations. You should be so lucky to be getting free parts or better yet paid for doing something you enjoy. People need to learn that they need work for things and not have them handed to them. I believe that is a real problem with the ongoing generations, less people feel like they need to work to earn things. Alot of people have a sense of entitlement, well I’m here to tell ya…..if you don’t work hard for what you want, then you don’t deserve to have it. This is just something that has been on my mind and if you don’t agree well then I feel sorry for you.