Last Holeshot issue

Long time friend Nick Ferreira is trying to get the funds together to make the final issue of Holeshot zine happen. Go Here to help out the cause and donate whatever you can to make this a reality. Lend a hand and help a brother out. Holeshot is one of the last real zines’ around and I for one will be sad to see it go. The final issue sounds like it’s gonna be sweet. He says it’s gonna be a box set including:

Andrew Burton Hyde Pride Zine – Interviews, photos, and more relating the to great skatepark located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.
Chester Jones –  Blazeguard
Kyle Emery-Peck – set of 10 color and black and white 4×6 photographs
Jake Honesto – Bears
Matt Gaspar – Hangn Brain 2 – Holeshot’s funniest contributor. Responsible for the famed Hank Hill bikecheck, Beetlejuice Trail Digger drawing, Evolution of Osiris D3’s article.
Vinny Martin – North Park
Nick Ferreira – TBDHolyshit or Suburban Shred II – Holeshot DVD
and more to be disclosed

Sounds like it’s gonna be awesome and something that you’ll wanna have for years to look back on.