My two cents

 Well I hope everyone enjoyed my five part article about the guys that ride for the right reasons. But your probably saying to yourself “why do I care?” You may or may not, but chances are that someday you’ll be on the ropes about riding and I hope that you think back to at least one of those dudes and say well they stopped/slowed down but are still riding. To me riding isn’t about how much you ride or what tricks your doing, it’s about hanging with friends and enjoying the time spent on your bike. If I lost that I’d move onto something else, but it’s been 27 years so I think as long as my body can hold out I’m in it for the long haul. BMX isn’t just a sport it’s a lifestyle, every single one of the guys that I mentioned in the past articles will attest to that 100%. You just choose your level of involvement. I say ride when you have the time or when it feels right. For me as I get older the riding has come more about quality and less about quantity. I’m more pumped to ride something new and not just go out day after day and ride the same thing, but that’s me. If you can do that and are pumped on it go for it. Bike riding is almost like having an addiction to something, you get your first taste and are usually hooked, or you run away scared to death. It’s usually the first part of that statement. I know a hundred guys that quit riding and have come back to it a time or two, some of them still ride some don’t…but ask any one of them if they miss it and I bet their answer will be, yes! There is just nothing in life that can compare to it. It’s almost like your cheating death everytime you come home without a mark on you. Maybe it takes a certain type to ride BMX bikes? I’m not even gonna go there because I’m not sure of the answer, but I’m sure that isn’t too far off. The point is that I love riding, and alot of guys I know are just as passionate as I am. My hope is that anyone who picks up riding, may your BMX have the same positive impact on your life as mine. I know for a fact that the majority of the people I grew up riding with feel the same and wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Enough outta me
Go ride-TL