Skate Factory Inc.

First look

No session is complete without on of these
myself gettin up there

Steve carvin
Maul Table

the mini

Euro gap with poured concrete ledge

Main area 

Steve, Moe, and John Maul

way up in the mills

goofy face and graffity

manual cruisin

Maul blasting

 Little known to most there is a park opening soon.(should be August?) In the old mills in New Bedford, tucked away is a little place called The Skate Factory Inc. It’s actually been in the works for 3 years and I’ve gotten to ride it a several times over the these past few years. But due to water damage last year it was put on hold, recently they’ve been at it again and my friend Moe invited us down to ride with him and Steve (part owner). I literally dropped whatever I had going on and jumped at the chance to ride it again. The park is gonna be fun, on the smaller size but everything is laid out very well. It houses one of the best mini ramps I’ve ever ridden. Last night due to filming of a promo that’s what we were limited too. So myself, John Maul, Moe Lopes, Steve DaSilva, and JT Ahl had ourselves a fun little old school mini ramp session. Photos myself and JT Ahl