Bio: Rocco Quintiliani

 The next guy on my list of local Ma. dudes that should be getting more notice is Rocco Quintiliani. He rides both MTN. and BMX bikes, and kills it on both. He is one of the best guys to ride with as well. I’ve spent alot of the last few years riding with him and his room-mates. I can’t even begin to explain how good Rocco is at all aspects of riding besides that he goes big, and is smooth as butter. So here are a few things he wrote about his current status, and of course a few riding shots.

 Age: 25

Live in Yarmouth mass with two homos and have sweet jumps in my back yard

I work full time as an electrician to support my habits

I tend to ride a lot of dirt, park and street on both Mtb and Bmx. There both fun so why choose just one.

I’m either riding with the local DGK’s at the park or the mauls crew or my roomies, mike n clint. 

Right now I ride for DartmoorUSA, highland mountain bike park, and mauls bike shop. 

2008 @ Brooklyn banks

barspin at this years ABJ

Table @ABJ

Chillin        photo

big air in Athol

in his backyard          photo



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