One windy ass Thursday

 Haven’t ridden in over a week because my wrist and palm were all bruised and swollen from a stupid crash. So I decided that I had sat enough and would go riding to check out this N. Attleboro park that a few friends had been telling me about. So I gathered up a few of the usually suspects and we headed out that way, with no real sense of were this park was other than I was told that it was behind a YMCA in Attleboro and that it was literally “in the woods”. So off to Attleboro we headed and to my surprise there are 4 Y’s in Attleboro. After a driving to 2 of them, we decided to text some people in the know and they got us where we needed to be. The park is super fun, although pretty ratty. It’s got part of the old Impact ramps from Kevin Robinson’s old Providence park from the early 90’s, so you know that the ramps have seen better days. With that said we rode it, had fun and moved on to a few other spots throughout the day.Later on in the day we met up with Bobby Proctor and had an overall fun session. Just wish it wasn’t so god damn windy!
 The best part of the day was the end when we were just cruising around East Providence and a few little kids happened to find us and tell us that they had a “quarterpike” at the end of a deadend street. We decided to follow them…. and wow what a set up (was beat-up but kinda fun), these kids were psyched on us and I remembered being younger and meeting guys that rode and just being blown away. Hopefully we started them on the journey of BMX, by giving them a little taste of what is possible if you stick with it. Enough of me rambling on. The following pics were mostly shot by JT Ahl, a few were from me.



Burroughs tire grabber

Jeff Kingsbury wallride

Jt stylin’

tables Ahl day


Bobby Proctor railhop 180

another angle

you wish you rode this

Bobby is just too good

This is my favorite shot of the day…the kids