Bikes according to Moe V2

I’m gonna keep this intro short and just say that this is Moe Lopes second installment of what he thinks about BMX. Here goes:
In my last rant I talked about the aspect of riding,this is the second aspect that I’ve put way too much thought into. The bikes themselves. We all know there are a ton of different brands but what ones are into it for the $$$$ and what ones are into it to bring a smile to your face?
Let’s look at the construction of the frames and components. Most companies claim their bike has this or that but can the average person tell the difference? This is what I call the Tommy boy theory where you can shit in a box and put a warranty on it and people will eat it up! Makes you feel safe and happy, my bike will never break cause it’s made from Taiwanese cro mo!!(Bullshit) whatever it’s made of some one is gonna bend,break,dent or tweak their bike or the parts, it’s inevitable. You look at all the manufacturers and what ones actually put r&d into their products and I don’t mean strapping it to a machine for 72hrs! I mean getting some proper people riding their product and pushing it till it breaks or comes close. No machine is gonna simulate the kid that ghost rides his bike down a set of steps or falls from 12ft after a failed a jump at the local trails.
The materials are another debate that I won’t dig into because most people have no clue what their bikes are made of but I will say I’m pretty disappointed at the fact that most bikes are made over seas!!! Ok so this is a pitch at the economic downfall of the country but cro mo from china and from the U.S.- pretty much the same, only difference is some one over there is getting paid $1 and hr to build a frame,where a quality craftsman over here is gonna make way more. I know production costs are cheaper but for me I’d rather drive 3hrs to see the finished product than get on a plane to go somewhere I don’t know the food language or city! I don’t like to name drop but I’ve seen 1st hand when spooky cycles was pumping out frames and forks and there was a lot of pride if you rode one of their bikes, to see the pure enjoyment and enthusiasm they had when you told them their bike was rad or it rode smooth was quite a pleasure. Guess what I’m trying to say is there needs to be more of that!!

  So this leaves the debate open. When you’re flipping through a magazine and on every other page there’s an add for a new frame or sick new stem with holes milled into it think about what I’ve said. $$$ or fun is the question because I’m pretty sure the stem with the holes all over it to make it lighter is gonna be a piece of crap!! Light bikes are only good for racing we did the same tricks 10 years ago on 42lbs standards or S&M’s!  This isn’t rocket science the same gussets that were on my standard lengthy are popping up on some of the newer bikes, hmmm funny how the trends go round and round and would anyone notice these things? No cause we’re sold on purple grips and pretty rims. I’m not on a quest to throw companies under the bus but the ones that are in it to make you smile are the ones that are gonna be around for a long time. Take your bike and go ride.