Bio: Dana Kelble

When I asked for some contributors Justin Gamache answered the call, he has been consistently coming up with material for T&F for the last few weeks. So I decided he could write the intro to the next bio. Thanks to Justin and Dana….enjoy!-TL
Since the beginning of Tables & Fables, Tony has gotten insight from some of the older guys who have been around the BMX block and have served their time on a bike. As a younger dude, I wanted to switch directions for a minute and pick the brain of a younger rider on some of his thoughts on BMX and what it is to him.

This quick Bio is on an up and coming rider that has know BMX his whole life, having two older brothers that also ride. I have had the pleasure of knowing him since he was a little guy and watching his riding progress incredibly over the years. His positive attitude towards riding is contagious, making him a guy I always enjoy a good session with. I have grown up riding with him and hope to have plenty more memories. He is a true shredder, from his infamous No-Footer-Landers when he was younger to flairs today, I present to you…Dana Kelble.
Justin H. Gamache
To me riding is more than just a hobby. I see it as a stress reliever and a way of bonding with friends. When I grew up, our neighborhood crew had alot of phases like skateboarding, scootering, and riding bikes but riding stuck. Growing up with a large family, I hung out with my two brothers mostly and as phases changed we all stuck with them. I’ve been riding all my life but been doing it seriously for about three years and plan to keep going for a while to come. Starting out in Middleboro Massachusetts gave me motivation to be creative with my riding because there isn’t much of a skatepark. Some of the guys and I started building some stuff at a foundation that soon became the middleboro ghetto spot. Way back in the day we also had some trails behind our house and across the street behind my neighbors house. The trails in my back yard were where the “no footer lander” was originated. While trying no footers at a young age, I couldn’t get my feet back to the pedals sometimes and sure enough I’d land no footed. (Justin Gamache has always appreciated the no footer landers). Recently (summer of 2011), me and my brothers stayed in Arizona for about two months, and the riding atmosphere is a little different from Massachusetts. The locals in middleboro have all been friends of mine for a long time for the most part and in Arizona I met a few kids that were very similar but the parks in Arizona are a huge step up from the parks in Massachusetts. I’m not too much of a street rider due to the lack of spots in Middleboro but during our Arizona trip we hit some pretty rad set ups such as drainage ditches and plenty of spots in Tucson. One of my favorite places in Middleboro to ride is Brandon Christie’s trails. One of my favorite riding stories has to be learning backflips. Rolling in I was pretty scared but knew I had to commit but when I was upside down let go and slammed pretty hard to my head. With my adrenaline rushing I rolled in and did it second try. That was the one of my favorite nights in my riding career.

Big 3 @ Middleboro


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No hands at Jwalls

Roof droppin