Closed skateparks

 Something was brought to my attention today. The fact that the local skatepark in Hanson Ma recently closed. Now anyone that knows me, knows that I really don’t care for that park just for the fact that it’s a prefab park. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t care if the park is closed or not. If I care for the park or not is irrelevant, the point of this is that the park is closed because the police say that there are a bunch of kids are going there doing drugs. So why close the skatepark on the kids that go there and use the park for what it was designed for. Sounds to me like they need to govern the park alittle better. Maybe get out of their cruiser once and awhile and march their fat asses down the hill and maybe spend a few minutes patrolling the park once and awhile? Or maybe try and get some concerned parents to volunteer their time? I’m sure that the town has other expenses, but why not reach out to the community and ask for help. I’m sure that some of the parents or even the older guys that go there would volunteer instead of having the park closed. Also seems to me that the kids that use the park might wanna say something to the people that are there doing stupid shit. Sad fact is that this park is one of a small handful of parks in our area that are somewhat decent. Another fact is that a lot of people use this park because of it’s size. This is especially crucial because if the town of Hanson closes it’s park because of problems, it makes the town of Pembroke (next town over) think twice about building a park in their town. Thinking that the same group of kids will go there and do the same thing. Not wanting to deal with the same problems.
 As of right now I’m not really sure what course of action can be taken, but some people I know are looking into getting the park reopened with a new set of rules. There might be some kind of  protest there in the near future. I’ll keep you posted on the details. Anyone with any ideas please email…thanks