Let’s make one thing perfectly clear

Let me make one thing crystal fuckin clear. This is a blog for fun, and to celebrate my love for bikes. I reserve the right to say and do anything I want on here, I mean isn’t that what the internet is all about? It gave everyone with a connection a voice? If you are offended by anything that I post on here I apologize, but last I checked  this was America and we have the freedom the state what’s on our mind. Ya alot of what I post on here should be noted as tongue in cheek. I started this out of boredom and to document the riding of my friends, myself, and anyone else I thought was interesting or deserved a little notice. Just because I bitch once and awhile about things doesn’t mean that I hate or don’t respect them. It takes energy to write some of the stuff on here, and some of the things written are just based out of my own personal frustration (might just be someone or something pissed me off and I need to get it off my chest that day). I’m not trying to change the world here, nor do I expect too. I’m trying to have fun and share what I’ve learned over the 25+ years of riding. If you take it as advice…thank you…if you take it as an insult….sorry.
 I should also note that if any of you actually know me, what I write on here doesn’t always reflect who I actually am. My bias opinions are my own, and I in now way what to push anything down everyone’s throat. Now let’s all get out there and ride…..and get along!