Mike Rotondo

 Was just sitting around with Mike Rotondo and he recently came across this awesome old picture of himself from Skater Island. I also asked him to write a little something that goes along with it. This is what he wrote:

BMX is the raddest thing in the world.  Anyone that truly loves riding bikes and lives the lifestyle that comes along with it in my opinion has something most people never really will.  It’s a passion most people don’t really understand.  There is nothing you can compare it to it except for maybe skating or surfing or something along those lines.  You can be as creative or as stock as you want.  Nobody really gives a shit.  Sure people talk shit on styles and tricks but that’s just human nature.  Some people devote their lives to it and make millions of dollars.  Some people devote their lives to it and don’t make a fucking dime.  You can be totally awesome or completely fucking suck.  It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re having fun.  I fell off as I got older but I don’t think I’ll ever not love the feeling of occasionally cruising around hitting curbs and doing tables.  It’s something that will stick with you for the rest of your life regardless of where life takes you. Fucking enjoy my friends,  once bmx is in your blood you’re a lifer.