Mission statement

 Alright so I got all these things I’m working on and you may ask yourself why is this guy making this stuff? I’ll answer that question by saying this, that Tables and Fables is my chance to give something back to BMX, spread the good word about love for bikes, and a attempt unite the New England scene like it was in the 90’s. Back then if you rode a bike and met someone else that did you were instantly friends. I’d like to see some of that unity come back into the scene again. That may be wishful thinking, but I think it can happen.
 Secondly I feel as though having grown up in this sport and still being actively involved, that if  I can educate at least one kid, then I’ve reached my goal. So by buying a Tables and Fables whatever, it just shows that you love bikes and are open minded to being part of something bigger than yourself…BMX