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 Alright I guess I should address this since I was just on Vital and little kids are talking all kinds of shit. They have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. For one I obviously realize that a huge majority of the parts in the BMX industry are made in Taiwan and most of them are quality. In fact my bike has abunch of stuff from Taiwan. That was never my point…EVER! My entire point of yesterday’s post was that I felt like alot of people in the industry were talking about this and enough so that I looked into it. Therefore I gave MY opinion on it.
 Furthermore I wouldn’t expect a 14 year old to understand where I was coming from based on the fact that I literally have forgotten more about BMX than they probably will ever know. It’s about principal.
 Another thing I noticed is that someone mentioned Dan’s Comp. Idiot Dan’s Comp goes through the same distributors as shops. That is not my beef, it’s not mailorder. As I stated yesterday alot of shops do mailorder, and it’s been around for years. I also understand that most kids don’t have good BMX shops near them, I also know that most shops could give a shit less about “kids bikes” because they are low mark up and they view the kids as a pain in the ass. What I was saying is that from working at a shop I see almost on a weekly basis the direct result of kids not buying something because of it’s quality, but solely based upon price. Then destroying it and come in with a mangled bike. My point was that I wanted to share my good BMX knowledge with beginners and help the sport grow in a positive direction (even though my post was negitive)
If my first experience on a BMX bike was something that I ordered online and wrecked it, then it would give me a bad taste in my mouth. I might even think that all BMX bikes were like that. Without someone having explained the difference between the models and components.
 Again this is MY blog and MY opinion! If you don’t like it don’t read it……..end of story!



2 thoughts on “My point of view

  1. ahh yes.. the old “this is my website .. if you dont like it dont look at it” quote! i have said this a few times myself and it never gets old.

    VEIN…. ugh

    new plan.. how bout shitty companies stop starting more shitty companies.

  2. Haha, You and I agree on alot of things. Been reading your blog alot! You ever wanna contribute anything, let me know!
    Vein will probably go away, but someone had to have the balls to call them out, I guess it was me……

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