Rick MacDonald vs. internet sales

 Recently my long time friend Rick won a frame from some internet contest and not really needing it he decided to sell it. The following he wrote up to express his frustration:

Jeez, what is with you kids?

I recently won a frame that I don’t plan to ride. My daughters need back-to-school clothes so I figured I would sell the thing for some extra $$.
I posted it on facebook and craigslist at 1/3rd off retail (retail???? Haha TL) and also on a few online forums.

I have so far got 15 offers for parts trades, ipods, and many other scenarios that just weren’t the deal at all . One kid said “txt me the details”…My ads were well-written so there were no details to give him. He didn’t understand what I meant by that at all. Dude seemed real desperate to get it..he tried everything…except sending the money, and getting the frame.
“Buy me a bottom bracket too, and send it to my dad’s work, I will get the $$ from his wallet and mail it to you when my buddy buys my ipod, then after I trade my rear wheel for some coilovers (??) you can mail the frame to me” I am in Australia and I won’t pay shipping. How do I make a money order? How do I get cash into a paypal? Will you take 1/2 from my paypal and 1/2 from my mate’s paypal after I fix his car, I think it just needs…..” etc.

30 or so texts later I finally tell the kid “Dude, if you don’t have the money to buy it, or parts to build it up as offered, you ARE NOT ready for a new frame! Think about what you are saying!! Go ride or something, clear your head!!” He was just so hung up on a “new bike” he wasn’t even thinking clearly..it was sort of troubling.
I have been young (a long time ago), and I was switching bikes more often than I should have when it gets to the point where people are doing completely nonsensical things…take a step back and get a grip on what or why you are even doing this! Wow!

I still have the frame and I would be willing to go as low as $150 if buyer has the cash. I will now require a picture of actual said cash sent to me before I even think about it. Yes, it’s that bad out there! That’s 1/2 of the price and the bike is totally new. I am seriously worried about this generation when they can’t recognize a good deal, follow the rules of the deal, and just pay attention! Damn!