T&F NH/Maine trip

 So last Sunday we decided to pack up in Petey’s jeep and head north to meet up with my old friends Johnny O. and Kyle. Johnny O and I had been trying to get this little trip together for the last few weeks and with everything getting in my way I had very little free time. But I decided that everything else had to wait this Sunday, so off we went. First stop was Hampton New Hampshire. From what I’m told this park has existed for awhile, but it’s in a transformation stage from pre-fab to poured. Place is actually really fun and even with the existing pre-fab quarters it has an interesting set up. From there we headed more north to Portland Maine where we hit up the new park they just finished up there in the fall. This park was pretty fun although I kinda thought that the layout was kinda more designed for boards more than bikes, but I always like to cruise something new so we sessioned it for a bit. After the park we trekked it around the city of Portland to hit up a few of the street spots that Johnny and Kyle knew of. Overall a really fun day and always good to see old friends and share new experiences with the guys. Well enough of me blabbing, take a look at the pictures that JT Ahl shot from that day. The entire crew existed of Myself, JT, Burroughs, Kyle, Petey, and Johnny O.

old guy air



JT Table

Burroughs turndown

Petey floating

Pysched on this one…..

Kyle turndown

Petey railride


manmade kicker to wall

skatestops don’t stop us Burroughs putting in work

haha best pic of the day

Petey fired this out after Burroughs worked his magic