T&F Vineyard Trip


  I was on the Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday with family, and after cruising by the park over there and seeing it empty I decided that we needed to get over there sooner than later.So I came home and texted a few people and we decided that Wednesday was the day. And with this hurricane coming up the coast it might be a few days before anyone gets to ride anything. So the crew that consisted of JT,Steve Burroughs, Josh King, Kyle Amidon, Johnny O, and myself headed for the island. From the get go I knew the day was gonna be fun because everyone was pumped for the park, and a few of the guys had never even been to the vineyard so it was like a whole other experience for them. We barely caught the 9am ferry…..like literally. Then once your over there it’s a bit of a ride to the actual park from the ferry, but we all took it in stride. The following are the pictures that JT, Burroughs, and myself took from that day. If you haven’t been to this park…….GET OVER THERE!

Pulling out of port


The ferry was packed

The park is amazing

Kyle turndown

another angle of Kyle

Josh euro


Cool younger guy we met named Ry

one foot

Kyle can can footplant

JT stylin

Josh King table

Table transfer

Josh rip stickin around the park

weirdest thing I,ve ever icepicked

and Fufed

Josh was airing it

Burroughs making his legs go numb

JT bar humpin!

Johnny O x-up

Josh one footed table

Burroughs tire grab


chillin for lunch

JT transfer

Johnny O manual

Kyle lawnmower


Convinced a girl to take our pic….good crew!




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