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 Alot of people have been talking about this Vein BMX deal, and until recently I didn’t really know what they were talking about. But with more and more people asking me about it  I’ve decided to do a little research and this is what I think about the whole deal.
 First off this is a company that claims that they are trying to push BMX. Well straight up that’s shit. Your pushing BMX how? By undercutting shop’s and other real bike manufactures? Or maybe by perpetuating the entire mailorder deal? Or maybe these guys are trying to cut out the distributors? Anyway you slice it, it just sucks. As a longtime bike shop employee I can tell you that the average consumer doesn’t know shit about fixing or better yet assembling bikes. And more often then not bikes come through damaged in shipping. So what you are basically paying for is a product that you’ve never seen in person, you have to assemble yourself, and that if you have any problems with you have to email or call someone to get parts or have them tell you how to fix it? Fuck, wow that sounds awesome! Sign me up….NOT. Bike shops and distributors work hand and hand with one another. Shops (good ones) sell products that they believe in and ultimately the company or distributors will stand behind. I for one think that the industry as a whole should stand up against these guys and boycott them right outta business.
 Secondly, the “quality” of these products is pretty questionable. Looks like to me that someone went to Taiwan and picked all the crap out and thought…”Hey we can paint these all kinds of colors and kids will buy the shit outta this”. Then the same guy said “We can’t sell this shit is shops because the shop guys will know this shit is garbage” The stuff that these people are pushing off as “high end” is far from it. I have personally seen one of these frames, it had a euro bottom bracket but instead of it having cups the bearing pressed right in. Why the fuck would anyone ever design something like this? Didn’t we (BMX) as a whole learn 10 years ago that the euro b/b had no place in our sport. Bearings are too goddamn small. So let’s take the threads out? That should make it what stronger? No wait it makes it 4oz lighter, damn what an asshole I must be. I’d rather have a bike part that was designed by actual dudes that have been around and test there stuff instead of some guy that got a “killer deal” on some Taiwanese shit that he wants to make a quick buck? I mean is this the future? Should I start looking for a new job? Look at their website, they have how-to videos. Really? Come on! Buy stuff from local shops, from guys that actually ride bikes and love them. BMX isn’t about money, in fact I’d be willing to bet that alot of  BMX shop’s aren’t making a ton of money. But the guys are doing it for one reason, THEY LOVE BIKES! Now don’t get me wrong all mailorders aren’t bad, there are a handful of real shops that do mailorder and do it well. But they are SHOPS, not an office with a bunch of telemarketers.
 Third and final. When you order something online, you don’t get any feedback from a real bike rider. You push the buttons on your keyboard (just like me typing this right now) and it’s so cold an impersonal. Have we become that lazy as consumers? Man I hope not. When you buy online, a 6ft tall kid that weights 220 pounds can buy a $199 bike because he wants a bike and his parents don’t understand anything about BMX, so they think that’s alot of money and say to themselves it’s a fad….then he gets the bike and rides it for a week (that his dad or worse him and his friends assembled incorrectly) and destroys it. Then the parents bring it into a shop, they proceed to tell you how they just bought this bike online and it was expensive and how it’s a  week old and their kid has it destroyed. This is something that happens quite often. My response to them usually goes a little something like this: If you bought a bike from here, I would have told you that your son is too big for a low end bike like this and it won’t last him very long. I’d also probably look over the bike and point out all the things that were installed properly. Then I’d point out the bikes we carry and the quality difference between what they bought and what we carry. Now don’t get me wrong this usually turns into a good repair for the shop, but what’s more important here is that this all could have been avoided by just buying the correct bike from someone who could have guided you in the right direction and explained to the the differences between the models for the dollar amounts. Not saying that everyone needs a $500 bike, just saying that I’d ask questions, have a conversation, and ultimately help you find the bike that is right for you. Shit we may not even  have the right bike instock, but we’d gladly order it (from our distro) and assemble it the right and safe way. So I guess what I’m saying here is what I’ve been saying all along….support your local bike shop and it will support you! Buy bikes from guys that ride bikes not a computer screen!



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  1. I got this from Vein:
    Dear Admin,

    I am one of the owners of Vein.

    It sounds like you either work at a legitimate BMX shop or own one. I’ll be the first to say that the “average consumer” in your town should definitely go to your shop for the service. However, you might be surprised to find out what a minority your shop is. Most riders don’t have a BMX shop in their area and have to rely on internet or mail order shops to get any decent product.

    Regarding the opinion on the Maltese bottom bracket, it uses 4 bearings not 2 (look a little closer or do a little more “research” next time). Because it uses 4 bearings it can hold a higher radial load than the mid and spanish bearings. The Maltese BB approximate radial load is 3600lbs and a mid bearing radial load is 3200lbs. It also distributes the radial load across a greater surface of the spindle, which results in reduced bearing and spindle stress. Don’t worry it’s been tested. We realize not everyone will be into this, so we only used it on one model – the Martyr.

    Our live chat guys are BMX riders, so I suppose your “research” didn’t include trying this feature out. Test it out during normal business hours as these guys like to ride too. If your too lazy to use the keyboard you can even call us on our dime: 888-343-4776. You will get feedback from a real rider. We might even tell a joke or two or even fit you up with the right-sized underwear as yours seem a little tight.

    And about the “Made in Taiwan” thing.. Get over it man. I guarantee 95% of the product on your floor was made in Taiwan or China and if it’s not you are either the largest stocking dealer of American-made frames or your shop is a high end road shop and not a BMX shop. The last time a 20″ complete bike was manufactured in the USA was the day before Huffy closed it’s US manufacturing facility.

    I’m not going to make any bones about it. The Amber parts are obviously the same Taiwan manufactured parts as just about any other branded price-point product. Probably from the same manufacturer as the chains, pedals, headsets and bottom brackets sitting in your display case right now. I suppose you went to the library to figure that one out.

    The EZRA and Guerra parts and frames are higher end are mostly designed by us.

    We have ridden BMX for quite some time in addition to manufacturing various products in the USA, China and Taiwan spanning over the last few decades.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is your shop has been successfully been competing with mail-order shops for longer than most BMX riders have been alive, so why are you getting so veinous about it now ?

    Yours truly,
    Ricky Bobby

  2. I’m willing to give them a shot. They obviously stand behind their products. And he’s right. I don’t have a proper bmx shop in my town, and the guys at both shops could care less if they earn my loyalty as they are far more concerned with Road and MTB customers. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be the bmxshop owner in the near future.

    He’s also right about the Taiwan products. Hell dude, you even tell people to support Cult, Nice, and FBM.

    I read your piece last night and came to the conclusion that your only credible beef was that you wouldn’t be able to carry their products. Why do you care, man? There’s 50 other companies out there that you can carry.

  3. Actually your wrong I could careless about selling their products. I have beef with the fact that they’re selling products to kids without letting the kids touch and feel them, and calling them “high end” I wouldn’t expect you to understand but maybe someday if you own a shop maybe you can grasp the concept. You know what it’s a free country and they can do whatever they want. This blog is MY opinion and if you don’t agree with me I can respect that, but NO ONE will be able to change my mind. I’ve paid my dues in this industry and worn many hats. So take with that what you will.

  4. the guy better not honestly call himself ricky bobby and he has a serious attitude to attack someone representing his stuck up company and saying no one builds completes in america…. he should

  5. Vein bmx- a company that sells low quality bmx parts, destroys the bmx industry, and leaps at a chance to use its name as a pun. “vain bmx” would have been a far more suiting name.

  6. im running the guerra triad frame, from veinbmx, and its certainly stronger and more reliable than my sunday funday frame. I love it to death and has given me no problems. also about the “low quality” thing. its quite the opposite.

  7. Ok so this is makin it’s way around Vital again. Honestly ride your “vein shit” I don’t care! One day you may “get it” But understand that what I do here is a labor of love and I don’t get paid for it. I actually loose money on what I do and donate a lot of time and effort into it. That being said I reserve the right under the first amendment to state my own opinion on whatever I want. If you agree with me great, if not I respect that. But as far as I can see what it seems like the greatest complaint is, is that most people don’t have a good local shop that gives half a shit about what kids are buying. Or even if they’re buying. I feel bad for the guys that have had bad experiences at a shop and feel like they need to mail order. I have a lot of friends that either work at a shop or own one and I know for a fact that they are doing it for one reason: They love BMX! Not to get a paycheck. Vein is probably just the tip of the iceberg for internet bike part sales. I’m sure others will follow, but it’s sad when there are so many good shops out there literally doing it and barely keeping the lights on. I’ve ridden and been involved in BMX for over 27 years and like to share my knowledge with younger guys. Not to preach but to teach. If you learned anything from me that’s great! If you think I’m a asshole, well so be it…honestly I could care less. I’m doing my thing….you do yours. Ride you bike

  8. The kids defending Vein who don’t work for vein are clueless. They don’t understand all Vein is doing is cutting out the middleman. The middleman being the shops that they are all complaining there are too few of. Well we all know the best way to fix an issue of there being too few of something is to support the few that there are, not spit in their faces to save five bucks. Let’s address a problem and have our entire mission statement be to make it worse, that’s really doing good for the BMX community. And most of these kids still have to go to the shitty shops to get their shitty parts put on anyway. So instead of showing their local shops there is an interest, and they should be paying attention to our sport they are showing them they need to bilk us on labor because they aren’t making any money on parts. Part of the solution or part of the problem? Vein is part of the problem.

  9. Ehh.. good show.. jolly good show. I’ve been doing my research because I want to get back into bmx (it’s been a year) but I’m on a fine line budget. I planned on going to my local shop “in which I’ve had ups and downs with for the past 11 years” and tell them about this vein ordeal. Sometimes they say “well hey if they can give you a deal like that.. we’ll give you a deal like this and beat it” and other times they just spit in my face and act like they could care less. if that fails then I’ll have no choice but to buy from vein. $400 for that much chromo and sealed bearings is unbeatable. I’m 22 and hard on parts. after I get this bike it’ll be months before I can afford to replace anything. I’ve seen too many 16 year olds break FIT, VERDE, and Eastern parts. I know for a fact if I get one of those complete’s I’ll break it. also.. the vein complete for $399 has as much quality as a $400+ fit. idk I’d love to ride a profile/s&m custom, and my local shop is an official dealer of both. but I just can’t afford parts like that ot to buy less only for the sake of my local shop. any opinions? also I’m going to talk with veins “live chat” soon. and see what they have to say. not much I assume.

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