Working at a shop I get to see alot of warranty bike parts. That being said I’ve formed my opinions on what parts are good and bad. But this isn’t about the quality of parts, it has to do with the warranty. Or should I say the way alot of people abuse the warranty process. I see dudes coming in the shop with broken bike parts all the time expecting company’s to just replace their broken stuff  free of charge. Kinda crazy if you think about the kind of stuff dudes are doing on and to their bikes. For a company to straight up replace stuff because you rode it for a year and ground the shit out of it or were jumping off roofs is just crazy. Ya I mean stuff is designed for it, but metal fatigues and nothing lasts forever, even the best designs are gonna give over time. I say replace stuff like forks and cranks every few years to save yourself from a potential disaster. Spend some money once and awhile, give back to the industry. I mean if you break a certain company’s stuff  3 or 4 times then maybe that stuff is not for you. But if you buy something and break it and a company won’t warranty it don’t go around saying they suck. Alot of BMX company’s are small and the guys ride just like you and want to make something that they enjoy doing. I think everyone that rides can relate to that. Some of these companys can’t afford to just go giving stuff away because you jumped off a roof to flat 5 times in a row and bent your forks or cracked your headtube. Bikes cost money to produce and you should be so lucky that technology has advanced as far as it has to keep up with the level of riding. So all I’m saying is to have some respect for BMX. Give back what you get out. If you break something, buy it don’t expect it for free.
 My next thing that I wanna address is the warranty abusers. The guys that throw their bikes or purposely break stuff to get new stuff because they’re sick of the color or a newer version of whatever part has come out. Come on really, you think a rider owned company can’t tell the difference? I think dudes that abuse the warranty process should be blacklisted to never be able to warranty shit again. So sick of these little bastards calling and being like I was just riding and my bars broke. Really? You think I haven’t been in this industry for 25 years and can’t tell the difference? Better yet I like the kids who convince their parents that, that’s what happened. Then they come in and argue it, saying I paid $ for this and it broke “isn’t this designed for jumping?”….Yes it is but your kid is an asswipe and likes to throw his bike because he can’t hop high enough or can’t pull something after 4 tries. Once again give back once and awhile, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a newer part for your bike especially if you ride it alot. For some guys that gets them psyched to ride for a bit. Guys these days are so lucky, bike parts actually have thought put into them and are designed and tested by actual BMX riders. Not borrowed from other facets of bicycling. I say enjoy it and appreciate the time, money and effort that goes into the sport that we do. Bottom line have some respect for BMX!