3 1/2 hours in CT.

 Funny thing about New England weather you can never really predict it. I went to sleep last night thinking that I wasn’t gonna ride at all today, only to wake up to a completely different forecast. So all the plans I had cancelled from the previous day were all of a sudden back on. A few of the people that were gonna go said that they weren’t able to so only a small group of us went today. Having cancelled plans too made me have a pretty limited schedule today so I made no calls to anyone except the people I made the plans with. I instantly knew there was only one place I really wanted to check out, Baltic. I had been looking at pictures of this little park for months and I had gotten a tip that there was an added bonus nearby…a fullpipe! So off we went JT, King, and I were out the door later than I would have liked, but none the less we were gonna ride on a day that was supposed to be 70 percent chance of rain. After Baltic we decided to hit up the Killingly park, we had sessioned a few weeks earlier and I haven’t stopped thinking about going back since. I can’t say enough good things about this park. The following are pictures that JT and myself snapped from the day. I will be back down there soon!


Local Joe with a turndown, sorry about your head

another local Kevin 1 footed xup, these dudes ripped this park
Josh with a flatty

JT does the best 3’s

Nose wheelie dealie

Fullpipe adventure goodness

There she be, small but fun

 psyched on this
King gettin his

For some reason Josh wanted me to take a pic of this

Josh cruisin


JT I’m pretty sure I took this same pic last time, still rad!


and we’re done, wanted this pic since we went last time



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  1. Thanks man! Yea the pipe is sweet, sorry I didn’t hit ya up was kinda last minute…I hate when dudes do that to me. I’m planning on coming back down soon so we can hit up these spots together!

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