Bikes according to Moe V3

 This is another volume from my longtime friend Moe. This time he’s writing about….well I guess I’ll just let ya read it for yourself, here goes:

 The reason we ride.
The other day I was driving to a friends house and I spotted a kid riding his bike ,the look on his face said everything! He had a smile and was just pedaling and trying to bunnyhop and boost some curbs. I had a flashback to when I was twelve and rode everywhere even if there was no purpose but to get away and pedal . The older I got the more those rides meant something, a session at a friends house or a spot that we all knew to meet up at. The ride to the spots was always more fun just because you knew the one going home meant the day was over and it was back to school,but sitting in class I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do but run home get my bike and ride!
  Riding has always meant a lot to me and to this day still does,its more than exercise its a form of self accomplishment that you just don’t get with other sports(well for me at least) . I sometimes think about what goes through peoples minds when the y ride- is it for fun? Do the do it to impress people? How many kids will start riding bmx today,tomorrow whenever,get a car go to highschool or college and continue to do such a simple thing? Sometimes we get lost in a lot of things as we get older and the bike gets put in the basement or the garage and forgotten, but for some of us it doesn’t! It’s like a best friend that never goes away! It’s there to help us get our frustrations out,take us for a spin down the road  and to remind us you never do forget!!!
      I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t imagine anything else that would top it. The best part about riding is it brings people together and we learn from each other. Such a simple thing has helped me make new friends across the country, learn things about myself I wouldn’t have doing other sports and taught me how to express myself. The amount of riding I do now is a lot less but its still the same ole feeling I used to get when I was younger. It’s more the quality of the ride and at times I find myself like that kid riding down the street jumping curb cuts and doing manuals, for me it’s about the pure enjoyment. There are no coaches,no rules just me and my bike. Brings a smile to my face everytime! Why do you ride?