Bio: Josh King

 Josh King is probably one of the most underated guys that ride BMX bikes around the area. I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up and become one hell of a bike rider. Josh is one of the most humble dudes I know, and he’s always down for whatever. He has been coming to the shop for as long as I can remember and recently even has started working there. Ask anyone that rides or has ridden with him,(myself included) and they will say that he has the best attitude and is one of the funnest people to watch ride. The dude has a ton of tricks up his sleeve and is always got something new and different he’s doing. Lately it’s become more and more apparent to me that Josh should get alittle more notice than what he’s been getting, so I decided we’d do a quick bio. I’ve never been one to follow formats and every bio I do is gonna be different from the rest. I feel like it should vary depending on the person. So I asked Josh to give us a rundown of where he works and lives then write a brief summary of what he likes about riding and what it means to him. I think everyone could stand to learn something from what he had to say. Without further adieu.   Special thanks to JT Ahl for the pictures.

Work: I work at the best place ever DICK MAULS BIKE SHOP!

Residence: I’m living in North Providence, RI

Bicycles: Riding bikes is about going on adventures with your friends and having fun, So if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong… As long as I’m having fun on my bike it doesn’t matter where I’m riding it. Having the right people to ride with definitely helps the good times too, that’s why I’m glad I have so many chill people to ride with. There’s nothing better than just messing around on a curb or something with your friends. And as much as I love riding myself, I really just enjoy being outside pedaling around and watching other people get rad too! I get just as psyched watching someone pull a cool maneuver as I do when I pull one myself. Go pedal and have fun!!!

Multi talented

Belchertown Ma

Old Middleboro ghetto spot