Bike Check: Sean Burns

  Being friends with Sean and working at his local shop, I am usually the guy to put together his bikes and build his wheels. Yesterday he came in with a new frame and a bunch of new parts and I did just that. The following is his new signature Bone Deth “Creepozoid” in chrome. Sean gave me a run-down of everything on his bike, and thanks to John Maul for the photos.

new Eclat goods

  • frame: Bone Deth “Creepozoid” 20.5
    bars: Bone Deth “deadman bars” 8″ rise
    cranks: Eclat tibia cranks 175
    stem: Eclat burns stem
    fork: Eclat stream forks
    headset: Eclat
    grips: Eclat burns grips
    front rim: Eclat exodus
    back rim: Eclat bondi
    front hub: we the people 48
    back hub: shadow 48, 9 tooth driver
    spokes: Eclat
    seat: Eclat pivotal oz seat
    post: Eclat torch offset
    pedals: Eclat surge pedals
    sprocket: bone deth ‘speed freak’ 30 tooth
    chain: wipperman bmx IR8
    pegs: bone deth ‘diet grinders’
    brakes: Eclat unit U-brake
    cable: Eclat core cable
    front tire: animal glh 1.95
    back tire: Eclat escape 2.10
    bottom bracket: Eclat



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