Bio: Ryan Lively

 I’ve known Ryan for quite a long time now, he’s someone that embodies what T&F is all about. He’s down for whatever and is always having fun, whether it’s on or off his bike. A few years back he had hurt his knee fairly bad and had to take some time off his bike, but lately he’s been back on it and tearin’ it up again! The following is a little something he wrote about himself, Ox as his friends call him is a true individual…read up!

@DMBS photo Tardiff

Hello My name is Ryan and I like to party! I live in Pembroke Ma. By trade I am a plasterer. I’ve been riding bmx for the past 15 years. I like to get weird and always have some kind of bacon hanging out of my mouth. I started riding trails which are so fun, but I’d say my favorite is street cause it’s already there just go ride it or jump off of it. It’s the excitement of going out to new spots, then getting to shred them. I ride ramp but that tends to get a bit repetitive, still fun though so I like to try weirdo moves and stunts instead of focusing my ability on doing a double whip or tuck no hander.  I like to ride with anyone who is riding for a good time, so pretty much anyone from the tables and fables family! So get out there do a whirly bird get weird smoke bacon and dont worry what is kool. Thanks to Mauls bike shop, June bmx, Tables and Fables, anyone who gave me a ride or parts or anything that helped me stay riding! ps…… I like to party and get weird!!

Random girl……………photo Ahl

I usually don’t use pictures twice but this ones too funny…photo Tardiff

recent CT trip photo Vecca

@ Pembroke fundraiser photo Gabler

His current bike with the custon “spiderweb” bars



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  1. pretty crazey he had those photos taken in front of my pops tattoo shop mural the day he road sunset…. bode and the guys had just finished that painting. rad

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