Cape Cod

 I live pretty close to the Cape and today we decided that we were gonna head down to check out the Wellfleet park that I had been hearing about and seeing at pictures the park looked amazing. Then from Wellfleet we were gonna head over to Chatham and check out the park there, I’ve been seeing pictures of this park for years and it looked like it had an old concrete bowl that was tight….my style!
 So off we went JT and myself for an early morning mission. First hit was obviously Wellfleet. We get there and with the rain the previous night the park was a little wet, but we figured we’d cruise around til it dried up then really give it a go. Well the park was “closed” aka gate locked. So we hoped the fence. I didn’t come all the way to the tip of the Cape not to ride something that looked so amazing. The park is well built and for a small park it has quite a few lines. So we cruise around for 15 or so minutes then I see a car stop in the middle of the road and make a three point turn. Then it passes by again, then it pulls in and it’s the parks department telling us that the park is closed and there’s “no bikes” allowed. Seriously pissed not only was it like an hour plus ride, but here we are 9 am not bothering a sole and getting kicked out of a perfectly good park? I asked why? The response was all too common….pegs on the concrete. Bullshit! But we were civil and left as asked. I’ll be back there. I think you have to go on a weekend because the town offices are closed and with that town being so small I doubt they patrol then. I urge every bike rider to pouch that place. Why the fuck shouldn’t everyone be allowed to enjoy something like that?
 Well on to the next spot, Chatham. This park was a short drive from the first and on our back to the mainland so we were certainly gonna at least look at it. We found the park and at first glance it’s kinda lame looking, but then you see the little gem of the concrete bowl and the backside of it. Kinda like a weird hip/ tranny thing…fun as shit. We spent probably an hour or so there before heading out. Then decided to go by the Barnstable park in Hyannis, looked like it was locked up for the season. Or I think it doesn’t open til after school, oh well no loss there. The park is fun but looks like it is in need of some serious attention.
 Then we headed off Cape and back closer to my house and as we were driving I remembered there was a little prefab park near my place and behind it was something that looked like a fullpipe. I rode by it one day on my roadbike and caught it out of the corner of my eye and have been meaning to check it out since. (2 years ago) JT and I totally went right by the park, never even touched it once we parked the truck and saw the thing. Looked crazy from the parking lot. Upon further investigation we decided it wasn’t as good as it looked but was worth giving a few hits. See the pictures below, looks better than it is but kinda fun. From there we checked out another bank near the house then decided to call it a day, due to the wind and dropping temps. The following are the pictures that we snapped with the old iPhone from today in random order…. enjoy!

JT at Chatham
an again
the rest of the Chatham park
Pool in Wellfleet
Wellfleet layout
random W.H.A.T.?
JT bank near my house fastplant
Weird fullpipe
Jaws bank
tight little spot
Barnstable park
bowl air in Chatham 
another shot of Wellfleet
My instagram of the Sagamore 
Bowl in Chatham, JT and I had to clean this crap out first
hats off table
ass shot but flat as fuck
JT preppin the spot
table over the shark
JT table
Got a sweet stencil JT made