Alright! This has been coming up more often than not lately, dudes fuckin up spots! Why the fuck would you ever wanna fuck up a good spot? I mean there are people who ride bikes besides you! I’ve learned over the years to leave well enough alone. If asked to leave a spot I do so, that way if I ever wanna ride that spot again I can. Or if any other dude wants to ride it he can. I leave and don’t cause a scene, you gotta realize that your just a guy on a bike and you are representing all bikes. A security guard or police officer will see you this way if you wanna believe it or not! The younger dudes need to learn a little respect for spots. A good spot doesn’t just pop up and say here I am. Some of them take a lot of  searching, work and time, then to have someone come and disrespect and trash a spot? Who the fuck do you think you are? That’s why I’m so secretive of the GOOD spots I know. It took me years to find some of the things I’ve found and I’d like to be able to ride these when I want. I’d also like to be able to share them with the right people who will respect them the same as I do. Not go around blabbing about what i found and showing everyone and anyone. Ya I post pictures of some crazy shit sometimes on all my social media pages, BUT I almost never give up where it  is unless it’s a public skatepark. Which brings me to the next thing. Guys that think they can trash skateparks and get away with that shit! Again who the fuck do you think you are? Most parks are public and there for one reason to ride/skate, not have you and your shitbag friends hang out there and smoke weed, throw your trash on the ground and start fires! Go find somebodies house to hang out in. Or better yet get a fuckin life! Do something productive with yourself, maybe even get a goddamn job and be a positive part of society! I think it’s high time that we the patrons of parks and spots( this also applies to trails and private ramps!) start governing what we like to ride and if someone fucks up either, they should have to face the consequences for those actions! This is a call to arms let’s take back what is rightfully ours and set an example of the fuck heads that think they can do whatever they want wherever they want! If you are one of the offenders think about it. You might someday get what’s coming to you! For you I have zero respect and hope you get put in your place one day!