Gamache on the Boro’

 Recently the local skatepark in Middleboro Ma. had it’s gates locked for various reasons and Justin being a local to this park and having been a patron his whole life he asked me if he could write a little something about it, so here it is:
Middleboro Skatepark might not have beautifully poured cement bowls or anything that seperates it from any other prefab skatepark, but it right down the street and it is something that anyone can ride at anytime, until recently. Due to too many disturbances, law enforcement has closed the gate to the skatepark, possibly for good.

I can point the finger at certain people for making this happen, but the people that are being punished are the ones that actually ride and skate there. I know a part of the problem is the basketball courts being next to the skatepark, causing foot traffic and people that don’t use the ramps just hanging around. I am not saying that every single one of these people cause the problem, but it is a major factor. They don’t use the area, so they don’t respect it. Glass being smashed on, or around ramps, and trash being thrown everywhere is dangerous to the riders, and common sense would tell the riders that they wouldn’t want to put themselves in harm.

The people that are on bikes, skateboards, roller blades and scooters are the ones that need to step up and defend the skatepark. It is our area to ride, and now that it has been closed we are the ones being punished. No one needs to act tough or cause problems, but if someone is damaging the area then someone should ask them to take it elsewhere. Most of the time there will be plenty of riders and skaters that will back you up.

If you are a skater or rider and you are the one damaging the area then you are flat out stupid. Do you smash bottles on your kitchen floor? Piss on your own couch? Throw garbage on your bed? THIS IS YOUR SKATEPARK, treat it that way.

I know it is just prefab, it is the same old ramps every day, but it is something to ride. Due to other people’s ignorance, I no longer have that skatepark down the street to go to for a quick session after work. So to all the people who fought, littered, and set fires, I would like to say “Thanks”, because you are a total douche-bag.

Tireslide in Baltic Ct….photo Ahl

Justin H. Gamache