Gamache on the skate vs. bike drama

Why is there so much animosity between skateboarders and BMX riders? The two of these lifestyles have the same goals, with the participants are both on the search for the next spot to ride, trick to learn, or skatepark to flow. Having skateparks that don’t allow bikes is a major factor in the dislike towards each other. Why are bikes not allowed to ride certain parks due to pegs destroying coping but skateboard trucks are made of the same material and cause the same amount of damage? Riders have to sneak in early morning sessions at parks like FDR and Burnside before skateboarders get to the park, to avoid confrontations. These situations only cause the two groups to dislike one another, instead of enjoying the skateparks together. If the two worked together, there is the possibility of more skateparks being opened since it would create a place for kids to go and have a good time.
BMX can take a look at skateboarding and take notes. I know being a good skateboard is much less expensive then a good BMX bike, making it easier to get involved in, and a lot of BMX guys like staying under the radar, but getting more people involved would help our industry grow. We would be able to support more of the small, rider-owned companies and that would cause the quality of their products to increase. Look at a skate video versus a BMX video. Skateboarders are filmed in all of the best spots around the world, with much better quality cameras and equipment, and it shows.
I don’t think BMX will ever be as popular as skateboarding, and I’m not saying that BMX should copy what they do, but I am saying that the hate should be dropped and we should help each other out. I think it will benefit both groups in the end.

Justin H. Gamache