Snakerunnin with Tyrant……and Bigfoot?

Yesterday after a few weeks of planning we meet up the guys over at Tyrant to check out a hidden snake-run somewhere in the backwoods of Connecticut. Tony Vecca and I had been going back and forth for about a month trying to figure out a weekend that worked for both of us before Winter set in. It’s nice to meet a group of guys that still has that friendly 90’s mentality. He was nice enough to offer up a secret find to us, and someday I  hope to repay the favor. (He even went despite having back problems!)
So off myself and the entire T&F crew went (minus a few) to meet up with these guys and try and finish up filming for our Fall edit that we had started last week. We usually never ride with a crew as bis as we did this week, but even rollin as deep as we were stuff still got laid down. The following are pictures that JT Ahl and myself took from that day and I’m also gonna post the link from what Tony V. had taken and posted on his Flickr. Big thanks for an overall amazing time! Hopefully we can sneak one more group trip in before it’s freezing….fingers crossed!!

Brandon bridge gap!
Steve Morse
Tim climbing
Petey and Brandon getting weird
Great crew
Mike P.
Mike P.
Mike Kent
14 deep

 Brandon always tryin to plank something