Random day

 Today I met up with my old friend Chip Morash. A few years back he moved to San Francisco and it had been awhile since we had cruised around. He’s back in the area for a few days, and he and I decided to ride around Boston. Added bonuses for the day were that John Maul and I decided to ride Hingham skatepark in the morning before I met up with Chip and my new friend Tony Vecca of  TYRANT was gonna meet Chip and I in the city to cruise around too. He was also randomly in the area this week. Lastly cruised briefly with the Bonedeth crew, but due to time we had to split. The following are a few of the pics we snapped with the good old iPhone.

Ass shot thanks to Maul for the shot
Tony Vecca shot this one
Harvard square is always filled with weirdos
Maul getting his Hulk scooter on
Chip fastplant
Another shot by Tony Vecca
C Bowl
Tony’s car!
Ferbert getting weird
John Maul air Hingham
this ones weak
Chip stadium wall
Maul tireslide over the loveseat
C bowl Tony taking a picture of Tony taking a picture
City bound
Chip footjam
Maul table
C bowl table