I hate this time of year

I hate this time of year when you know Winter is coming. I mean don’t get me wrong we’ve been super lucky with the 60 degree days throughout November, but you know all of a sudden bam a foot of snow. Then forced to ride indoors at the same skateparks. Really kills my motivation. Once the temp dips under 40 I start to get stir crazy. Not just because of riding but just being outside in general. Hopefully we get blessed with little or no snowfall this year in good old New England and there’s at least a stray day or two of warmth throughout the Winter that I can get out and ride outside. All this being said I’m trying to think of things to make this Winter fly by and not seem so bad. Might even be into doing so park rentals. I know I pissed and moaned about this all last year and I promise to try not to do the same shit this year. But give me anybody that enjoys outdoor activities and I bet they’d say the same exact thing. Here’s hoping that we have a very mild Winter in the Northeast this season……

In a rusty old pipe somewhere in CT…thanks Tony Vecca for the picture.