Not-so Super Bowl Sunday

 Wow what a crazy last 24 hours. I was texted a picture of a ridiculous bowl, and asked if I knew where it was. My response was one of sheer excitement, because I’d never seen it. A few more texts and come to find out that it’s really local. All I was told was that and with the picture, it’s all I could think about. Well being someone that’s always looking for new stuff to ride especially a bowl or pool, I was on it. Cashed in a favor and got a vague description of where it was. This is where I really get excited and go to work. Searching, scouring….trying to find this gem, then bingo! I make a few texts to the guys, and we’re off early to find this thing and see if I’m right. After a few wrong turns and using my gps on my phone I find it, and let me tell you….it’s nuts. Sitting pretty much on the side of the road tucked back where if you didn’t know, you’d never find it.
 Well it’s 26 degrees at this point but we muster up a few runs each and decide it’s best left for a warmer day, especially since there’s a house in eye-shot and who knows if they’re gonna care if a few guys are riding their pool. We snap a few picture and head to the skate park to have an early morning session there, all the while talking about going back. After a 3 hour session and having gone out to the cars we decided that it was warm enough to get a few more runs in since we didn’t get booted in the AM.
 So we head back and find a few more friends there, one of them was the one who sent me the original text that started this entire ordeal. They’re doing work, cleaning up the leaves and sweeping the thing clean. They even said that someone in the house had come out and didn’t care. So now we’re like damn…we’re gonna stay and ride it with you guys for real not just hit it for a few more minutes and leave. So here we are probably like 10 of us riding this pool. Looks real old school, maybe even made by someone who doesn’t build pools. I’ll tell you what if this was at a park, you’d be pumped to ride it. Looks more like a skatepark than someone’s pool.
 Then a woman comes out and I’m sure this is the end of our session. She is nice and very confused at how we found this and why we’re here, but she says as long as we don’t kill ourselves she’s alright with it. Crazy! My mind was blown! Here we are 10 guys on bikes in a pool, on someone’s property…and no one cares. All I can say is wow. (She also explained that it was dug out by the old owner and filled by a cement company, made in the 1960’s)
 Well the session gets going and we ride, take pictures, laugh. The woman even comes out with her son (who’s in a wheelchair) and watches us ride. I think everything is great…….Then about an hour later this truck and a car pull in and some dude jumps out of the truck and completely rushes us. Starts pushing dudes and talkin’ craziness. Throwing dudes bikes, just taking it way over the line. I mean I know we’re trespassing, but every single one of us was willing to leave without incident. This “guy” was just way outta control and if one of us did anything the cops would’ve gotta involved and that’s a whole other thing. Better to leave, than get the law involved. Just nuts because here we are one minute laughing and riding, being fairly respectful, and the next being screamed at by a madman. Now I know one of you tough guy that reads this is gonna say there was 10 of you and 3 of them. “Why didn’t you guys just kick their asses?” And I’d say to you read the last few lines I wrote about the law. In my mind it’s always better to leave and possibly be able to go back than get arrested, go to court, and deal with all the legal shit. Not worth it, there’s a lot of spots out there. This is something you should expect trespassing on private property. Tell ya the truth, if that was in my yard. I might have been pissed too. Would not have came in like that, but I can say that pretty much everyone of us will think twice before going back there in the near future. Overall a win considering that within 12 hours I went from getting a text with a crazy new spot, to hunting it down, to riding it. These are the kind of adventures that I love about BMX. I mean how many people that play football can say ” I found this crazy field today”, people would be like “ya…and”. This is what I live for, the excitement of it all…the rush!
 Enough of my rambling, we took some pictures of this “secret pool” and while the pool might not happen again for a bit, we have these…..



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  1. It was a pleasure to read this, I’m glad no one got hurt or in trouble. It makes me want to go out and find that “Sweet Spot” around our neck of the woods! Take care guys.

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