Maul’s Brawl/ Table contest

 Well I guess we’re close enough to Maul’s Brawl for me to release the details about the T&F “Table contest”.
The contest in gonna be open to everyone. The winner will get a Conductor frame courtesy of Sunday bikes and Full Factory Distro., I’m also gonna make it $2 per person to enter and the second place will get the sum of all entrants. As for the actual rules of the contest, it’s gonna be the best/flat-est table off/over the most unique obstacle at Skater’s Edge. With a vast majority of guys being able to do tables, I figured that would level the playing field. Instead of doing highest or flatest, because after the third guy I’m not sure anyone would be able to judge between everyone. Pumped to be able to hold this at the contest this year. Hopefully so will everyone else!