Maul’s Brawl 2012 Re-cap

 Well Maul’s Brawl went down yesterday, and I’d like to start out by saying thanks to everyone that was involved in it. Be it spectators, riders, dj, or any of the volunteers. Without all of the previous stated we couldn’t have done it. I’d say that the day was a complete success, we had a great turnout. I was blown away by the number of actual contestants that entered. We had well over a hundred people ride all three classes! Not to mention the guys that entered the best trick and table contest.
 Also really stoked on the generosity of all the sponsors. Every company stepped it up this year. We had a ton of stuff we gave away. I feel like every single contestant that placed got fairly hooked up. I was very pleased that we were able to raise over $600 for Mike Tag with the custom frame that the Bone Deth guys donated and had painted especially for this event. It was probably one of the most talked about things at the contest and maybe any Brawl to date.
Also like to give thanks to Skater’s Edge, for letting us come in and take over. The owner Dave let’s us run the contest as we see fit. We even ran later than expected and he was very patient with us. Nice to know that we weren’t gonna get rushed out and not be able to finish.
 This year marked the 20th anniversary of Maul’s Brawl, so it was pretty special for me. To think that twenty years ago we started this in the Maul’s backyard and had it evolve into what it is today. Just nuts! Sometimes it’s almost scary to think that we have been riding BMX bikes for that long and to be honest I’m just as pumped on them as I was when we did the first one. Although my role has changed over the years from entering and competing in them to announcing and organizing. I am glad to see that people are still into us doing them. After last year’s we had discussed not having it for 2012, but do to overwhelming demand we just had to do it. So as long as people are into it, I guess we’ll have to keep it up! I was also psyched that T&F was able to hold it’s on little sub event (table contest) in between classes. Thanks to the dudes that did that!  Having such great feedback almost makes me even wanna do two contests a year, but that might be pushing it! Although we will be doing a flat contest again this year for sure. I’d also like to set up a jam….but that’s for another post…
 Anyway, as I said I announced the contest for the past few years, so that means that I wasn’t able to shoot any pictures of the event. But there were a lot of guys out there with camera’s, so I’m just gonna post the link’s to where you can go see their pictures from this event. Thanks to each and every guy that shot photos. I’m sure each one probably took at least a hundred pictures and weeding out and editing that many can take up some serious time. So before anyone snags any from the posted links, keep in mind the time and effort that went into it before you cut out the guys watermark and make it your profile picture on your choice of social media site. Just sayin’
 Lastly I would like to say thank you to anyone that purchased one of the T&F softgoods from our little table set-up yesterday. I appreciate the support more than anyone will ever know! Doing this can sometimes feel like a thank-less “job”, and don’t for a minute think that I’m doing this for money. Because I haven’t made a dime! I do this for the fun of it! The only reason I started making shirts was to help spread the word. So by purchasing one your giving back to BMX, not me! This site isn’t about one person, it’s about the local scene. Any “profit” made, just affords me to give a few free shirts to the few guys that help me out here. Each of which are down for the cause. If it didn’t cost anything to make shirts, I’d give them away to everyone!
 Ok enough of me, here’s the links for the pictures:
Kieran Chapman
Josh Huston