Bio: Coleman Lopes

 This is the first Bio. for 2012, so I wanted to start off with someone I thought would kinda set the tone for the rest of the year. I’ve wanted to do his bio last year but with my schedule so busy I never got a chance to meet up with him and ride or take any pictures. His name is Coleman Lopes and I met him for the first time a few years back when he came into the shop. He and I had a lot of friends in common and started talking more and more every time he came in. We finally rode some time shortly after, and I was blown away at how good he was. I then learned that he shared the same sense of adventure as myself, he’s down to ride anything and everything. His attitude is the way every dude’s should be, very humble. He’s modest, and doesn’t feel the need to tell you what he can do on his bike. I believe he is one of the most underated riders around the area. Putting in his time in while always enjoying himself and having fun. He is someone I’m glad I became friends, and get to occasionally get to ride with.
 I enjoy watching him ride and hope the future is good to him. The following are his stats (sorta speak) and a few pictures of what he does while on his bike: Enjoy!

Living status: 24 years old. I live in Fairhaven, Ma.

Working status: I’m a commercial scallop fisherman

Riding status: I’ll pretty much ride anything, but it’s mostly street these days. I’m not a huge fan of riding indoors, so I try to ride outdoors whenever I get a chance. Pedaling through a new city or place with my friends is my favorite thing about riding, you never know what you’ll find. That’s what I love most about it.
Future plans: Keep riding a lot and traveling. I recently visited NYC for the first time and pretty much fell in love with the place, so this Summer I’m gonna try and take some time off from fishing and stay out there for awhile.
Support: Thanks to Vic Bettencourt from Circuit BMX for always helping me out with anything and everything I needed. Matt Coplon at Profile racing for helping me out with their grassroots program. Joe Vee over at Cult for helping me out with a Cult set-up. And Tables and Fables for this bio. I really appreciate all these guys!

Photo Nick Ferreira

Photo Jeremiah Cote
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