Bike Check: JT Ahl

JT is one of the dudes that I ride with the most. He’s always down for whatever, making him a fun guy to cruise with. Recently he built up a new bike and Chris Tardiff took a few pictures of it. Check em out!

Frame: Flybikes Trueno

Fork: Redline Device G6

Headset: Misc

Bars: BoneDeth “Bomber” 9″

Grips: Odyssey “cufflinks”

Stem: Cult Salvation top-load

Cranks: Fit “team”

Pedals: Eclat “plaza” custom metal pins

Sprocket: Demoliton 28 tooth (soon to be the T&F)

Seat/Post: Kink slim pivotal/ Redline

Chain: Shadow

Wheels: Front Cinema 777 laced to Odyssey Vandero Rear Cinema 777 laced to a Redline Device cassette 9 tooth

Tires: Fit F.A.F. 2.25 F+R

Pegs: BoneDeth



One thought on “Bike Check: JT Ahl

  1. 10 bucks says this thing is rainbow colored by Friday!

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