Bio: Brandon Christie

I’ve known Brandon for quite a long time and watched him grow up. From the very first time I saw him ride a bike I knew he was gonna be good. He has raw talent and a ton of determination. His learning curve is way ahead of a lot of local guys. I’ve watched on countless occasions, him think something up and pull it within a matter of a few tries.
I have also tried for years to help him out in any way I possibly could, be it from advice to mechanical services to most recently making him the first official team member of  T&F.
He is someone who is beyond fun to ride with. Always pushing and cheering on whomever he is with. His outlook on riding great. He’s down to ride anything, and is probably one of the best well rounded guys. He excels on trails, street or ramp/park. Always trying to take it to the next level.
Over the past few years he’s picked up a little more in the way of sponsors, that have helped get him to progress even further. He has been traveling and doing shows pretty regularly. Recently he has moved back to Massachusetts from Greenville, N.C., where for the few years he lived there had really progressed a crazy amount, from riding with some of the most talented guys down there.
The following are a few things about him, in his own words. If you haven’t heard the name, get familiar with it, he has a bright future in BMX.

-Living status: 24 years of age, New England/Middleboro,

-Working status – Annodizer at RDG (Rennen Design Group)

-Riding status – Lately in door sessions at Skaters Edge and Rye Airfield because of the cold. (At the time we wrote this it was still cold) Usually ride with the Maul’s Crew, Dave Riker, Chris Childs, Little Liam,Josh Lane, and Joe Nelson. Miss myGreenvillebuds though.

-Future plans – I typically take my life one day at a time, but I would like to go to school somewhere down the road. Another goal of mine is to get more into filming and editing this year.

Thanks to my family, friends and gf! Keep Ridin’ and do it for the right reasons! AOH MAGGOTS

Up rail to hard 180



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