New Hampshire weekend

My wife and I met up with some of my old friends and their wives for a little “get away” for a long weekend and chill out from everyday life. I myself needed a little break from the action that my life has been tossing at me as of late.

Jamie (my wife) had an appointment for her friends wedding in Boston on Sunday, and the original plan was for me to ride around the city and kill time and wait for her to get done. So I brought my bike for the entire weekend. I figured since we all rode at one time or another, that I’d see if the other guys going wanted to bring their bikes and cruise the local park that was close to the house we were all staying at. Two of them brought their bikes and one a skateboard, as we all used to skate too. I was super psyched! It’s been literally years since I had cruised around with these guys. So no matter what the parks looked like, it was a win either way.

This got me to thinking about how I knew these guys….through riding! I hadn’t known any of them before bikes. Every single one of them went to different schools than me, had different jobs, lived in different towns. Yet here we were 20+ years after we all met and rode bikes together regularly, still hanging out. I’ve said this before, but the gravity of it weighed heavy on me this weekend. BMX has brought me everything I know and have. I have made life long friends that even though, they don’t still “ride” are still some of my closest friends. Crazy! Who would have ever thought, that 20 years later we’d all be married (even our wives have become friends) and hanging out still, playing on little kids bikes and skateboards! I enjoyed the small session we had. It was a little slice of the 90’s for me, a throw back to simpler times. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change a thing leading up to today. It’s just something to ponder…….Check the pics!